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GreenGeeks Coupon

June 27th, 2011 at 3:51 pm

GreenGeeks Coupon

The current best GreenGeeks Coupon is “Take30Off” which saves you $30 on your hosting order.

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June 25th, 2011 at 12:38 am

Drupal and Greengeeks Hosting

Drupal, a commonly used software package used for publishing, managing, and organizing website content is a feature offered in many web-hosting plans. Drupal software is free and is currently being used by thousands of individuals. The Drupal software package can be used on many types of websites, including business and personal.

One reason why Drupal continues to gain in popularity among individuals and web hosting companies is the fact that the software can be used to build an entire website. Building a website can be done in as little as a few hours with this software. Website building is easy, because Drupal users do not need to build from scratch, or have an extensive knowledge in HTML or CSS. No custom programming is needed. In fact, Drupal users can choose from a number of ready to install templates which are designed for specific types of websites. Drupal uses pre-defined site configuration, site features, and functions.

Creating a website is just as easy with Drupal. With Drupal, users can add a variety of content to their website which makes it more dynamic and allows visitors to the site a place to interact. Users can add as little or as much content to a website and place content where they see fit. Content can include many features, such as blogs, polls with robust user management, podcasts, text, video, and audio. Menu handling, optional revision control, and real-time statistics are also included with the software.

Drupal has what is called a presentation layer, which basically allows users to design and display their websites. Through designing and displaying, users have the ability to create an interactive experience for visitors to their website. Interactive websites are easy to use by visitors and are known for gaining more traffic. Drupal has many pre-designed themes for their users to choose from. Themes are customizable, so users can create a unique website. Drupal users also have the option of creating their own themes.

Also included with Drupal software are tools for organizing, finding, and structuring website content. These tools are commonly used for categorizing, creating lists, creating friendly path urls, and for content association. Basically, these tools make it easier for the website creator to find content and organize it, link specific content with other content on their website, and create defaults for content creators. Drupal gives its users access to over 6 000 modules which can be used to build and create different websites and features. Users can also share and contribute modules for other users to use.

A widely used and popular feature is the Drupal connect feature. Since social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have exploded in popularity over the past few years, this feature is important to many website creators. Drupal allows its users to connect their websites with social media sites and others. This makes sharing content fast and easy. Drupal uses search engine connection capabilities, feeds, and aggregation to make this possible. Users can also interact with file services and external media through their own websites.

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June 10th, 2011 at 12:37 am

WordPress at GreenGeeks Hosting

WordPress is an extremely popular self-hosted blogging tool. It has become so popular that WordPress is currently being used by over ten million people on a daily basis and can be found on over 1 million websites. The fact that WordPress is open source, which means it is free to use on any website, has also lead to its popularity. This blogging tool has been around since 2003.

Since WordPress is a self-hosted blogging tool, WordPress itself does not host any blogs. WordPress is a common tool offered by hundreds of web-hosting companies as part of their hosting plans. Those that use WordPress either do so through a web hosting company providing the tool or through a host that meets the requirements for supporting WordPress.

WordPress, though commonly used to create, build, and manage blogs, can be used for a number of other things. Overtime WordPress has changed and been updated several times. This blogging tool can now be used as a CMS, or content management system. A content management system is used to keep track of and organize all content on a website or blog. Included in WordPress are thousands of plug-ins, themes, and widgets, so those using the tool have limitless options as to what they use WordPress for.

WordPress offers its users many features including full standards compliance, no rebuilding, WordPress pages, links, and themes, cross-blog communication tools, comments, spam protection, easy importing, password protected posts, full user registration, XML-RPC interface, easy installation and upgrades, multiple authors, Workflow, intelligent text formatting, typographical niceties, ping away and bookmarklets. There are hundreds more plug-ins available through WordPress. WordPress prides itself on offering its users cutting edge technology which includes trackbacks and pingbacks.

WordPress themes are one of the many popular features included with this blogging tool. Themes are pre-designed so users can simply scroll through and choose which ones they like and download them for free. So far, there are 1 361 available themes which have been downloaded over 31 million times. WordPress categorizes all of its themes to make searching for the right one easy. Themes are continually being updated, which does not affect their use on a blog.

Those that are new to using WordPress can find free tutorials and other documentation directly on the WordPress site. WordPress walks beginners through a step-by-step process on how to download their themes and create a blog. WordPress also has its own blog where they share the latest information. If someone is still having trouble using WordPress or needs a unique or specific question answered they can post a question on the WordPress forum. For those that need help in finding a web host to host their blog, WordPress can help with that too.

WordPress also includes 14,362 plug-ins on its site which have been downloaded over 170 million times. Plug-ins are designed to enhance a blog and make it more dynamic and interactive. Plug-ins are also categorized for ease of use and can be downloaded, rated, and commented on.

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May 29th, 2011 at 12:36 am

Using PHP and Perl at GreenGeeks Hosting

There are a lot of different factors that go into building a website, even if a website builder is used. PHP and Perl are two popular additions to many websites. These are both general scripting/programming languages used in web development, or in other words, building a website.

PHP is considered to be a general purpose scripting language and can be used to build better websites in terms of dynamics and features. Though PHP was originally created for website building, it has since been updated to include standalone graphic applications. Currently, over 20 million websites use PHP. It is free to use and can be used with almost any operating system.

PHP was first introduced in 1995. At that time, PHP stood for personal home page. It now stands for hypertext preprocessor. PHP is now run by the PHP Group, which allows users to build, extend, and customize the scripting language for their own use. Most web hosting companies include PHP in their web hosting plans due to its popularity. PHP is most often used to build dynamic content and images. It is also now being used to create frameworks.

There are many beginners guides, tutorials, and downloads on the Internet for those that are interested in learning about PHP and using it. Many of these guides, tutorials, and downloads are free and designed for those with different levels of expertise. PHP is free to download and use, because it is an open source code.

Perl, which was created in 1987, is used as a dynamic programming language. Since its creation, Perl has been updated several times and is now popular amongst web programmers. Perl is used for general purposes and its latest edition is called Perl 6. Besides the traditional use in dynamic programming languages, Perl has gained in popularity for use in system administration, graphics programming, finance, network programming, applications, and bioinformatics. Perl is considered by many to be powerful and dynamic.

Perl, which is commonly referred to as Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, can be used by beginner and professional website builders. Most web hosting companies already have Perl installed on their servers and use of the programming language is free. If Perl is not installed, or someone wants to install it on a personal computer, they can easily download it from the Perl website. Perl has what are called Perl libraries and extension modules which are used with applications.

Perl is commonly used for things like building databases and interactive features. When it comes to learning how to use Perl, it can be a little overwhelming because there is so much to learn. There are many free tutorials available for those that wish to learn how to use Perl. Tutorials include those for beginners and other levels of experience.

Many web hosting companies that offer PHP and Perl as features in their hosting plans have tutorials of their own located on their websites to help people use the scripting and programming languages. Since both are free for anyone to download and use, no one should ever pay extra for their use through a web hosting company.

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May 17th, 2011 at 12:32 am

How to Choose a Web Host

Due to the many web hosting companies available to clients, it is often a difficult decision to choose which one is the best. To simplify the process there are certain points that every web hosting client should look for before signing on with any web hosting company. First, each individual client should make a list of their exact needs. This makes eliminating possible web hosts easier.

Secondly, a web hosting client needs to determine what type of hosting plan they need whether it is dedicated, shared or a reseller plan and only look at companies offering these plans. Then its time to consider price. Most web hosting clients are working with a budget. Different web hosting companies offer different plans at different rates, most of which are charged on a month to month basis. It’s also important to look for extras and what they will cost and to keep in mind that some companies lure in clients with an introductory rate and then increase the price after a certain amount of time.

All hosting clients need to take an in-depth look at the features included in the hosting plan. There are many features to look at with the main ones being bandwidth, disk space, RAM, whether a free domain name is included, and guaranteed uptime percentages. Some hosting plans come with limitations such as a certain amount of allotted bandwidth per month. A hosting client needs to make sure the features and their limitations fit their needs. It’s also a good idea to check into the other features that are offered such as applications, software, file transfer rates, etc.

Scalability is also an important feature to look for. Scalability is important in a web hosting plan because it allows the clients website to grow without any hassles. A client that starts out with a basic plan to suit their small business website may find that their business and website has outgrown their basic plan. Switching to a plan at a higher level should be as easy and fast as possible without any interruptions to the client or the website.

The level of management offered with each plan is crucial. Different clients have different levels of experience when it comes to maintaining a server. Maintaining a server involves making routine scans and backups, installing/removing software, making updates and monitoring the server. The level of management depends on how much the client wants to be responsible for managing the server. Management plans include fully managed, managed, self-managed and unmanaged.

Lastly, it is important for all clients to look at what type of customer support is included with the hosting plan. Customer support is important because issues can happen with the server at any time. Basically, customer support is what the web hosting company is willing to do to help their client. Customer support comes by way of e-mail, live chat, phone and tutorials between set hours.

Clients should never settle for a plan that doesn’t suit all of their needs. Since there are so many web hosting companies and plans to choose from, finding out that one does meet a client’s needs is possible.

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April 25th, 2011 at 12:31 am

Using SohoLaunch and GreenGeeks Hosting

SohoLaunch is a popular website building tool and one that is offered for free from GreenGeeks, a web hosting company. SohoLaunch is popular because those that use the software have access to hundreds of templates. The templates are used to design and build a website and can be installed automatically. This takes away the step by step process of building a website from scratch, making this software easy to use by everyone no matter how much knowledge or experience they have with building a website.

So far there are over 500 website templates to choose from. These templates are professional looking and are widely used by businesses. Using these templates is simple. Once the user has chosen the template, they simply install it. Furthermore, they can change the template and rearrange where certain features go including navigation menus and adding text, logos and images. New template designs are continuously being built and added to the list of templates to choose from.

SohoLaunch also gives its users the opportunity to use its web form builder. A web form builder is used to create web forms and easily manage them. Web forms can include a range of different features on a website including forms visitors to the website fill out to sign up for a contest, e-newsletter, opt-in e-mail list and website memberships. Users can also create text boxes, file upload fields, multiple choice questions, etc. Once the web form as been created, the user simply drags it and drops it onto their site. This tool even allows users to customize the style and color scheme of their web form.

Also included in the SohoLaunch website builder is a comprehensive shopping cart system. Features of the shopping cart system can be customized by users and the shopping cart and all of its features are easy to set up. Users can add unlimited categories and products and can choose to accept forms of payment from up to 12 different payment providers. Two of the most popular payment providers, and PayPal are included.

Other popular and commonly used SohoLaunch features include menu navigation, edit page content, plugins, SitePal, photo albums, web blogs, member logins, database tables, e-mail newsletters, event calendars, search ranking, Quickstart Wizard, site statistics and backup restore. Using these features is easy, even for a beginner. SohoLaunch offers customer support and tutorials that allow users to get to know the software, its features and begin building their websites.

The Quickstart Wizard helps users to build their website by picking and choosing templates and other features. The Quickstart Wizard option can be skipped but is there for those that need it. The first step to using the Wizard is to choose a built in template and then the pages the user wants to start with. Users can choose a built in template, make their own or choose a template from the SohoLaunch add-ons menu.

Next, the user customizes the template of their choosing by adding their logo, slogan, text and any other basic customization features. Menu navigation is added and content is dragged and dropped on the web page. Other more advanced features can be added as well.

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April 8th, 2011 at 12:30 am

Using Joomla with GreenGeeks Hosting

People at GreenGeeks and many other web hosting companies use Joomla as a tool to build their websites. Joomla is a content management system or CMS and is a very popular website building software. The fact that Joomla is very easy to use and is free has led to its popularity. Joomla is an open source piece of software which makes it free. A content management system such as Joomla is popular because it keeps track of all content on a website for the website builder.

Joomla takes all the time and work necessary out of managing content on a website manually. Joomla is a versatile content management system, meaning it can be used for a wide variety of websites. Joomla is commonly used on websites such as personal or family, schools and churches, small business, nonprofits, e-commerce, online magazines and newspapers and many more. Even large corporations such as MTV, Citibank, and IHOP use Joomla. All people building a website should know that no technical experience is needed to use Joomla.

There are a number of features that come with Joomla, adding to its popularity. These features include user, banner, content, web link, contact, syndication and news feed, and template management. Other features include media, menu and language manager, polls, search, integrated help system, system features, web services and powerful extensibility.

User management allows all Joomla users to change options and make them personal. This can be done in the registration system which has 9 user groups. The user groups tell Joomla users what they have access to, and what they can administrate, publish and edit. Polls allow Joomla users to find out what visitors to their websites and blogs really think. They can ask specific questions and create polls that have many options. System features allow website pages to load quickly, system administrators can troubleshoot for bugs and errors, security is high, and system administrators can message website users privately or through mass mail.

Joomla is popular among website builders that use lots of extensions or create their own. There are thousands of extensions Joomla users can choose from, most of which are free. A few of the extensions available are FastCat Collator, ShellManager, Automated CSS3, 3D Photo Zoom FX, Site Sponsors, SeCatordian, VTEM Fisheye Menu, Qlue Panel, JMS Portfolio, Lucy SynergyData, ProForms Basic, and Online Guests. Joomla is constantly updating their extensions and adding new ones to their list. All Joomla extensions are divided into categories, making them easy to find for Joomla users.

Joomla can be used by people from all over the world that speak different languages. Joomla can be translated into different languages and has many pages written in 30 different languages. These pages contain information about Joomla and include languages such as German, French, Spanish, Greek, Latvian and Japanese to name a few.

In addition to the many languages Joomla is offered in, Joomla also provides plenty of customer support and access to a large Joomla community. The Joomla community is made up of Joomla users from around the world.

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April 2nd, 2011 at 12:29 am

Getting to Know Fantastico with GreenGeeks Hosting

Fantastico is what people in the world of web hosting and website building call a commercial script library. A commercial script library is used by people to automatically install web applications on a website. Fantastico is offered by many web hosting companies because it is easy to understand and use no matter how much experience someone has when it comes to building a website.

Fantastico is used directly from the control panel on the server. Many people use Fantastico when they are building a new website, adding additional website pages, or adding new applications to a website that is already in existence. A few of the things Fantastico can do is to create tables in a database, adjust permissions, install software, and change web server configuration files.

Usually, Fantastico is used with open source software. Open source software is software that can be changed by anyone for their own use. People have access to the code, how the software is written and what makes up the software, which they can change to suit their needs. Besides making changes, anyone can fix an issue on a piece of open source software. Fantastico does provide some scripts that are designed to install proprietary products.

There is a list of applications that are associated with Fantastico. Some applications are better known and more popular than others. A few of the popular applications are blogs, wikis, photo sharing, shopping cart software, and web content management systems. Once the proprietary products mentioned above have been installed, Fantastico can be used with SohoLaunch – a website builder, AccountLab Plus – software designed for interaction with internet registrars, and PerlDesk – software used for customer support.

Fantastico is used on many servers run by hundreds of web hosting companies because it makes putting ideas on the web easy and fast. The content that people create can be put on a website in a matter of minutes and is just as easily and quickly maintained. Fantastico De Luxe, an updated version of Fantastico is quickly catching on and is just as popular as the older, still usable version.

Fantastico De Luxe is an auto installer for servers using cPanel. Its main features include installing scripts (these can be installed multiple times) such as sub-domains, add-on domains and top level directories. Other features for system administrators include setting the default language, creating feature sets, overview page, sending notifications via e-mail to system administers about installations and removals, reporting and/or fixing common problems, displaying the newest versions available, displaying a warning when the newest version isn’t being used, and displaying news about security information and technical updates.

Fantastico De Luxe also has many features for User Page. These features include the overview page where all installed applications are listed, e-mail notifications to the user for installations and removals, and the display of a warning when the user is logged in with a reseller or root password.

Many clients with hosting plans have access to Fantastico through their web hosting provider at no additional cost. Fantastico can be used with a number of scripts and software and comes with customer support.

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